6 Cons of Call Center Offshore Outsourcing

6 Cons of Call Center Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore call centers have gained a significant amount of popularity in the past decade or so, with big-box companies claiming that they drastically decrease the expenditure spent on customer service facilities. What they do not talk about, however, is the multitude of cons of call center offshore outsourcing. The following are the top 6 Cons […]

Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid when choosing a Call Center

Business Process Outsourcing

Here at VoiceLogic, we want to ensure that you have a successful campaign. If you do decide to look at other providers as opposed to us, be prepared. Here is a list of top 6 mistakes to avoid when choosing a call center: 1) Beware of 100% pay for performance arrangements. (You want a provider […]

Top 4 Benefits of investing in VoiceLogic’s Outbound Call Centers for Healthcare Facilities

VoiceLogic Outbound Call Center for Health Care

With the increasing competition amongst professionals in the healthcare industry, and with new healthcare facilities opening up at a rapid pace, quality customer service and satisfaction is one of the most important factors that could make your facility’s ratings go from being average, to the very top. By investing in a highly experienced company like […]

Auto Dialer: The Secret to Boosting Your Call Center’s Productivity!

Auto Dialer Service - VoiceLogic

Auto dialer—or automatic dialer—refers to one of the most efficient methods of outbound calling for a call center, wherein a computer unit feeds a list of pre-uploaded contacts into a dialer system to automatically make phone calls. However, unlike in a manual dialling system, where the agent has to physically go through a list of […]

Lead Generation Marketing: Top 5 Reasons to Choose VoiceLogic for Your Lead Generation Strategies!

Lead Generation

What is Lead Generation Marketing? Lead Generation Marketing is the process of attracting interest for your company’s products and services, in order to cultivate an audience for your products sales. In the recent years, lead generation has been going through significant changes with the upsurge of new online and social techniques, and companies need to invest […]

The Ultimate Guide to Follow-Up on Leads for Trade Shows


Having someone representing your company and product at a trade show is a great way to network with the right people and increase your sales. But it is extremely important to convert conversations you have at these events into potential leads through a prompt implementation of follow-up strategies. A study shows that almost 73% of […]

Pollcast: Top 4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Conduct Surveys.

There are a number of reasons why a business needs to conduct surveys and questionnaires in order to uncover basic answers for the future of a brand. A number of major brands publish questionnaires and surveys based off of a number of different topics, and these questionnaires are often carried out in a variety of […]

Outbound Call Centers: How to Boost Your Customer Service

Outbound Call Centers Rapid Outbound Call Centers from VoiceLogic are some of the best ways that you can outsource your outbound call center service for more affordable rates and more professional operators. Outbound call centers are often an essential customer service tool as well as an asset to companies in almost any industry. VoiceLogic can […]

Voicecasting: Start Your Campaign Using Our Voicecasting Service in 4 Easy Steps!

VoiceCasting Voicecasting is a unique service offered by VoiceLogic. The basic premise of voicecasting is to create a ringless voicemail broadcast that can deliver a message directly to someone’s voicemail without having to ring the phone directly. Voicecasting has been around since the year 1997 and with our staff members you can get access to […]

Top 4 Benefits of VoiceLogic’s Outbound Call Centers

If you are interested in improving customer service throughout your business there are a number of top reasons why you should consider employing the use of an outbound call center. These types of services are extremely flexible and can be set up with minimal effort for your business. If you are interested in preparing a […]

Event Marketing with VoiceLogic: Charm Your Audience Into That Event!

VoiceLogic: Event Marketing

Working with VoiceLogic for your event marketing needs is an excellent way that you can bolster your marketing resources. We can offer the ideal marketing support for your next event, and deliver a number of huge advantages when compared to other types of marketing. Our live staff can deliver a more human touch to your […]

Voicecasting: A Breakthrough in Financial and Medical Institutions

In customer service it’s extremely important to have the right voice available for your answering service. By using our ringless voicemail service through VoiceLogic, it is possible to enjoy a better form of voicemail broadcasting. With the assistance of voicecasting, this ringless broadcast service is available through software system that can send a message directly […]

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