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What's In It for You?

  • Trial / test campaigns.
  • No lock-in contract
  • Zero programming fees
  • Start your campaign within hours.
  • Get daily reports charting your progress
  • Receive your leads as they are discovered.
  • Reduce sales cycle, & expedite production.
  • Lead Generation & Script Assistance.
Business Marketing

Deliver your message to a live prospect, or to voicemail, on the first call, to receive maximum impact.

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Smart Marketing

Send your message to their voice mail box, without ringing their phone. Ringless voicemail broadcast.

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Campaign Guidance

Our senior consultants provide you with complementary Professional Campaign Guidance and market advice.

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Get A Free Quote

Before you make a final decision, get a consultative quote, with market advice, tailored to your campaign

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Lead Generation

Generate prequalified "sales-ready leads". Proven calling scripts available.

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Take a look at sample info, campaign examples, case studies and white papers for any of the categories at right.  

Voicelogic is a full service house for marketing communications. All services include free data scrubbing, free duplicate removal, and some free web scraping or extraction services depending on your campaign. These are just some of the free services available to you during your campaign.


Since 1993 VoiceLogic has been a pioneer in the area of new marketing technologies, providing highly effective Call Center services for the purposes of generating sales, business leads, and event attendance. We offer a host of innovative messaging solutions that include:

  • Voice, Fax and Email broadcasting
  • Voicecasting, Voicemail Courier, Pollcast, and Voicemail Relay
  • Unique Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business marketing tools
  • Computer telephony services and marketing solutions for the business sector
  • Communication software and services for successful marketing and business growth
  • Ringless Messaging, Live Hot Transfer, Electronic Lead Transfer, Operator Guided Voicemail Courier and unconventional Call Center Services


  • Flex scheduling & no lock-in contract
  • Detailed reporting
  • Secure storage of all data, lists, reports, marketing know-how, and more
  • Optional, no charge voice message delivery (if we reach voicemail)
  • Script writing assistance
  • Live service representation & campaign guidance
  • No setup fees, low cost to ensure ROI


  • “Onshore” English speaking agents, all working from our fully managed call center facility
  • All calls are recorded and available for your review
  • Test or trial campaigns – start in 48 hours
  • Live service representation & campaign guidance


  • Cost & time savings – no need to hire, train or monitor staff
  • Flexibility – use when and as needed
  • 100% transparency!
  • No need to invest in high-end calling infrastructure and technology
  • Well trained workforce able to communicate at high levels