• Trial / test campaigns.
  • No lock-in contract
  • Zero programming fees
  • Start your campaign within hours.
  • Get daily reports charting your progress.
  • Receive your leads as they are discovered.
  • Reduce sales cycle, & expedite production.
  • Lead Generation & Script Assistance.


A Sales Career with Voicelogic

A Sales job at voicelogic, is a not just a sales job, it’s a consultative marketing communications sales career. Every client will receive excellent market consultation based on their industry, and exceptional project management on their campaign. For this to occur, as a sales representative, you will be remunerated with two pay structures, including residual commissions for your ongoing efforts. Many Voicelogic customers become regular repeat billing customers, for a reason.

A sales position with Voicelogic will reward you greatly for your sales, client management and client retention capabilities. Not only do you get a base pay, but you also receive a static xx% sales commission on all your sales for the life of the client.

Any sales representative, who is a skilled and seasoned sales professional, will appreciate being paid for all of their sales skills, on a continual basis, instead of a limited commission payment. At Voicelogic, residual commission means, you get paid a commission every time the client keeps on billing, using the Voicelogic service. This is how to maximize your sales skills and get paid for it. This is how Voicelogic accommodates its clients and its sales representatives.

For this type of compensation, we expect to employ skilled sales representatives, with excellent marketing communications skills and experience, which are passed on to our clients to ensure their successful campaigns. Need a sales job at Voicelogic? … then send your resume to , with subject line, “Sales Resume”.

A Technology position with Voicelogic

Voicelogic employs a variety of software and technical staff. Our communications services span several different platforms, and requires a multitude of knowledge and skill. For consideration of your skills and expertise, please send your resume to sales “at” voicelogic dot com, with subject line “Tech Resume”.

A Call Center position with Voicelogic

Voicelogic employs over 100 call center agents. Our facilities include 1,000 sq ft of staff lounge space, with a full kitchen. We employ both full time, and part time staff. For consideration of your skills and expertise, please send your resume to sales “at” voicelogic dot com, with subject line “Call Center position”.