Top 5 Benefits of Automating your Surveys for Customer Feedback

Voicelogic Pollcasting Benefits

Companies throughout the world are trying to receive feedback on their staff’s customer service towards customers. With thousands of employees in different locations throughout the world, the monitoring of the conversations has become a struggle. One of the ways, our team at Voicelogic has been assisting corporations throughout the United States and Canada is by providing an automated broadcast survey. Pollcasting Voice Broadcast is an outbound telephone dialing system with a questionnaire. Pollcasting Voice Broadcast survey will dial a list of phone numbers, and play a pre-recorded message with multiple choice questions to be answered by the recipient. The recipient has the choice to press any key, and if they need it repeated can press 8 as an option. With our custom software development in establishing Pollcasting Voice Broadcast Surveys, we have allowed corporations to get the feedback they need on the customer’s satisfaction for them to improve their customer relations. Here are the Top 5 Benefits of automating your surveys for customers feedback:

Valuable Responses VoiceLogic
1. Allows the Customer Freedom when selecting their option:

When a person is speaking directly to you, individuals are sometimes hesitant in giving their honest feedback to the individual they are speaking to over the phone (especially since they know the person they are speaking to is the sales rep’s co-worker). When it is an automated phone call, they can freely press 1-7 to rate their experience. This avoids the human emotion and allows customers to rate their service effectively.

Real Time Responses VoiceLogic
2. Real-time Responses:

After a customer receives their service from the employee, our system will allow once the customer information is relayed in time, to be called in the next 12-48 hours after. The Pollcasting Voice Broadcast Survey will be able to store and deliver the results immediately after the phone conversation back to the company. That way if a customer issue happens on Monday, by Thursday the company’s managers can deal with their employees, to avoid any similar issues. The data is all stored and can be reviewed whenever the manager’s feel it’s the right time.

Automated Survey Service
3. Consistency:

If a person has to call individuals throughout the day to get their feedback, their energy levels and moods can change throughout the day. They can be tired in the morning, angry after lunch etc. With an automated survey system, like Voicelogic’s Pollcasting Voice Broadcast Survey, it keeps the the questions being asked by a neutral voice throughout all the customer’s that are called. The consistency in tone will allow for the results to be evaluated more accurately.

Easy to Use Technology - VoiceLogic
4. Easy to Use Technology:

Our Pollcasting Voice Broadcast Survey Technology allows corporations to implement it very easily. With our team of trained staff members, we can easily integrate the script and the options between 1-7. After the groundwork is done and the survey and answers and ready, we dial the list of phone numbers that is provided by the company. Once the surveys are answered we send the results immediately to the company so they can review their positive/negative feedback.

Cost Effective Service
5. Accurate Feedback/Cost Savings:

By having technology implemented in your surveys, companies will find more accurate feedback than having individuals call all day. Emotions can affect the callers attitude in asking questions, where as technology allows for simple automation. The cost savings of having an automated software survey system allows you to call hundreds of individuals in day, where an employee will be limited to the amount of phone calls they can make. The cost effectiveness for companies to use our Pollcasting Voice Broadcast Survey Technology will save companies thousands if not millions in salaries.

The goal of our Pollcasting Voice Broadcast Automated Survey was created to allow companies to be more efficient in finding out how their customer’s satisfaction was. Contact us today to receive more information on our Pollcasting Technology, or any other marketing that your company may need!

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