VoiceLogic Pioneers of American Direct Marketing Technologies

Marketing Technologies

VoiceLogic is one of the pioneers of American Direct Marketing Technologies such as Ringless voicemails. Through the company’s journey they have introduced various marketing technologies to assist businesses with their marketing efforts.


VoiceLogic has continuously increased their marketing services to a wider range, and the company has enhanced their customer experience by creating a Web Platform that allows for customers to sign on and submit their information through their own portal. Providing services too our customers is one thing, however we created the portal to enhance their overall user experience with our company. This software has allowed our customers to login and upload their information so nothing is lost in translation.

Campaign Monitoring

The services that we provide on our portal are our Fax Broadcast, Email Broadcast, Ringcast, Voicecast, Voicemail Courier and our Rapid Outbound Call Center. Through our software we allow our customers, to choose their service and then provide the date you would like to start your campaign, along with your start time. You can then choose how many recipients you would like to send information too, along with your scripts. You can also upload your recipients in any format that you may have. After your job is submitted you can check the progress as the days go on.

Marketing Technologies

Being the Pioneers of American Direct Marketing Technologies, VoiceLogic has continuously increased their marketing services over the years. Starting off by providing Ringless voicemails in 1995, and then providing our customers with Fax Broadcasting, Voicemail Courier, Voicecast and Ringcast services. As the years progressed we started email broadcasting along with our revolutionary text broadcasting which we have recently included. Contact VoiceLogic today to let us assist with your Direct Marketing.

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