SMS/MMS Marketing


What is SMS?

SMS simply means Short Message Service. It is a service for the purpose of receiving and sending text messages through the cellular network.

What is MMS?

MMS means Multimedia Messaging. It is a service for the purpose of sending images and videos through using the SMS service.


Now that we understand the meaning of SMS and MMS let’s look into the similarities/differences. One of the differences between the two is the space of each messaging option. SMS is limited to 160 Characters per message, where MMS will provide you with more space and an unlimited number of characters.

Within the SMS messaging you are able to send 160 characters with a link that people can click, but it is solely text within the message. In a MMS message you are able to send rich media – which in addition to images and text being sent, also can contain video elements, gifs or audio data.

When to choose SMS?

Through our years of experience of providing both SMS and MMS for our clients, we understand that SMS works best for communicating essential details. Whether it is used for order confirmations or alerts SMS is an effective way for delivering important updates/messages. Per example, “Your Driver is 10 minutes away from delivery”, or “Sending a Reminder that your Payment is due in 2 Business Days”. Obviously this will depend on the message you are trying to send however, SMS is best used for Short Messages – Alerts, Updates etc.

When to choose MMS?

When deciding to use MMS, we believe that it is always best used when doing a promotional message. By including photos, videos and GIFS in the message, it encourages the receiver to read/look at the message, compared to looking at pure text. Whether you are trying to showcase a new product or service MMS is the route we recommend. We have also seen MMS marketing campaigns work very successfully when used to relay coupons to their customers.

How can we help?

At Voicelogic our team is fully equipped to assist your company in establishing your SMS and/or your MMS Campaign. We have looked at when to use SMS marketing and MMS marketing, now it is about determining what you are trying to achieve and we will work together in creating a successful SMS/MMS Campaign. Contact us today to learn more about SMS/MMS Marketing Campaigns!

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