Voicecasting: Start Your Campaign Using Our Voicecasting Service in 4 Easy Steps!

Voicecasting: Start Your Campaign Using Our Voicecasting Service in 4 Easy Steps!

Voicecasting is a unique service offered by VoiceLogic. The basic premise of this service is to create a ringless voicemail broadcast that can deliver a message directly to someone’s voicemail without having to ring the phone directly.

Voicecasting has been around since the year 1997 and with our staff members you can get access to a number of different features using a voicecasting campaign.

By working with our company at VoiceLogic, professionals can provide some of the following services to you, along with a fast service for an affordable cost. We have some of the best industry standards for pricing on our voicecasting services. We are committed to delivering value for every one of our customers with this software and our setup.

How to Start your Campaign?

We can start your campaign in minutes. With prerecorded messages and custom messages available you can start up your campaign in just a few minutes by importing your call list and working with our team.

First Step to Starting your Campaign through Voicecasting is by delivering reports


1. Detailed Reporting 

Detailed reporting will go through all of the numbers called, and deliver a report on the voicecasting services sent out on an hourly basis.



Second Step to Starting your Campaign through Voicecasting is by providing ongoing support for designing effective scripts


2. Ongoing Support

We will deliver free script advice as well as professional guidance on adjusting your programs for greater levels of success. We can take you through the process of writing your first script as well as adjusting your scripts to improve results with voicecasting.


Third Step to Starting your Campaign through Voicecasting is by recording a message using our free voice talent


3. Free Voice Talent to Record Messages

We have a number of operators standing by and available to help you record some of your early voice casting messages. By working with our specialists, you can get clear and concise voice messages to send out over the software.


Final Step to Starting your Campaign through Voicecasting is by tracking your analytics online


4. Our Online Dashboard

Hands-free campaign monitoring from our online dashboard is one of the best ways to track analytics and to see conversion rates on your voicecasting campaigns.



What is ringless Voicecasting used for?

This service can be extremely useful for a number of different sectors. We often use them to start up direct mail campaigns, voicemail marketing, donor retention for nonprofits, client retention and appreciation calls, mass delivery of specific orders from CEO and management, critical information for recall notices, cold calling services and more. If you are interested in voicecasting services with VoiceLogic, contact us today.

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