Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid when choosing a Call Center

Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid when choosing a Call Center

Here at VoiceLogic, we want to ensure that you have a successful campaign. If you do decide to look at other providers for your call center needs, as opposed to us, be prepared.

Here is a list of top 6 mistakes to avoid when choosing a call center:

1) Beware of 100% pay for performance arrangements. (You want a provider to SELL your product or service? People who work for free will turn over fast if money is not made quickly.)

2) Avoid companies who charge less than $30/hour for their outbound call center services. (All companies have to profit somewhere, and if they don’t charge enough for their services, you can be sure they will cut back in other areas – such as employee quality and training, equipment, and consultation time.)

Mistake 3: avoid call center companies offering free trials


3) Beware of companies offering short tests (less than 50 hours). (Good providers have a professional management staff with a solid infrastructure. Consistent feedback and communication between management, callers, and client is crucial for mutual success.)


Mistake 4: avoid call center companies with a history of irregular reports


4) Look for professional communication and management. (A business development company should be giving you regular updates, and have data available to you on demand – not having this could be a warning sign that the data isn’t there at all.)



Mistake 5: beware of call center's quality control5) Be aware of your outbound call center service provider’s quality control system. (If you choose a provider based on the results of such a short test, you may end up getting “short changed” in the long run.)Consistent feedback and communication between management, callers, and client is crucial for mutual success.
What types of reporting and database access does the provider offer? Does it report all the details of the campaign? Are they willing to provide recorded calls?


Mistake 6: avoid using high school and college students as agents6) Caller Talent. (Avoid hiring providers that use high school, college, inexperienced or offshore callers in their outbound call centers.)

At VoiceLogic, our call center agents and technical professionals have been trained by experts in the field, so we can offer our customers nothing less than the best service to increase the success rates for their campaigns. Moreover, our outbound call center service comes with various other benefits including increased efficiency and time savings.

Call center providers come in abundance in the contemporary age, but it is the job of companies like VoiceLogic to warn businesses off of services that could harm them.

So if you do decide to venture out there to find the call center that is the most compatible with the values of your company, keep some of these “don’t”s in mind.

The bottom line, then, is to keep away from companies charging you a miraculously low amount for their services.

Remember, that quality—both, in terms of customer satisfaction and user satisfaction—comes with an investment in time and money.

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