Pollcast: Top 4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Conduct Surveys

Pollcast: Top 4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Conduct Surveys.

There are a number of reasons why a business needs to conduct surveys and questionnaires in order to uncover basic answers for the future of a brand. A number of major brands publish questionnaires and surveys based off of a number of different topics, and these questionnaires are often carried out in a variety of formats. Many of the top companies today are utilizing outbound services like Pollcast from VoiceLogic to handle their survey and questionnaire needs.

Here are some of the top reasons why any business needs to conduct surveys:

First reason to use pollcast and conduct surveys is to start discussions1. Creating a Discussion

Surveys can open up lines of discussions to speak about key topics that are affecting your business. There could be unforeseen issues that could be crippling your customer service department or a number of potential problems within your company that could be uncovered with the help of a broad survey. Sometimes starting the conversation can be the first step in addressing an issue with your business.


Second reason to use pollcast and conduct surveys is to discover truthful answers2. Uncovering Answers in a Non-Intimidating Format

There are a number of customers that would not call in to your company if they had a poor experience or if there was something about your product or brand that they would like to change. A survey can help your customers feel much more engaged while allowing them to submit feedback anonymously. Uncovering new answers or changes that you could make to your company sometimes just involves contacting the right people.


Third reason to use pollcast and conduct surveys is to have objective information


3. Having Objective Information

In most cases a company will strategize based off of research that is done by other members of their company. Objective information can often be difficult to find without the help of advanced customer interaction. By employing a third-party service like VoiceLogic to handle your phone survey you can make sure that all of the information you are receiving is objective and from your clients without any user bias.

Fourth reason to use pollcast and conduct surveys is to compare results

4. Having Ongoing and Comparable Results

Creating staggered surveys and questionnaires will provide ongoing snapshots where your business is at and how the changes you implemented are actually having an impact on your customers. New comments in survey results will show valuable feedback and research over time. You will have a consistent benchmark on how your company might improve.


Keep some of these top thoughts in mind and more if you are considering the use of questionnaires with your business. Remember that Voice Logic has access to top-quality software designed for phone surveys. If you would like to experience some of the aforementioned benefits and more, contact us today at VoiceLogic for professional pollcast questionnaire services!

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