Email Broadcasting: Top 3 Tips for a Successful B2B and B2C Email Marketing Campaign

Email Broadcasting: Top 3 Tips for a Successful B2B and B2C Email Marketing Campaign

It is no secret that while telemarketing is an extremely successful and one-on-one kind of marketing strategy, email marketing allows a business to promote their products and services in a more detailed manner to interested parties.

Pulling off a successful email campaign is a highly challenging task, however, as most people tend to discard seemingly unimportant emails at a first glance.

After gathering data from a number of successful email broadcasting strategies utilized at VoiceLogic, we have come up with the top 3 tips for a successful B2B and B2C email marketing campaign for your company:

For successful B2B and B2C Email Broadcasting, your emails need to be mobile friendly

1. Mail for your Mobile:
Over 68% of businessmen and women prefer to read their emails on their cellular devices while on the move.

Optimizing your business emails for mobile devices is therefore the key to hosting successful email campaigns.

A few ways to do this include using smaller paragraphs, sticking to the specifics, and providing call-to-action buttons at the beginning of emails.

Our team of professionals at VoiceLogic specialize in the field of email marketing, and work in close conjunction with our clients to create customized and adaptable email templates for desktop as well as mobile views, to ensure optimal lead generation.

Customize your emails for your leads and clients for successful B2B and B2C Email Broadcasting.

2. Customized Communication:
Customization of emails is the key to ensuring a higher number of click-through rates, and increasing the likelihood of your potential customer engaging with your emails.

While addressing your customer by their name is a good way to start this process, customization could also take the form of sending reminders, time-sensitive thank-you cards, and holiday and birthday greetings.

Our email broadcasting team has come up with a number of successful strategies to ensure that your business-to-business and business-to-customer interactions also focus on creating personal relationships with your clients by customizing emails that record your clients’ personalized sets of data.

Make your emails interactive to ensure the success of your B2B and B2C Email Broadcasting campaign

3. Interactive Emails:
Interactive Emails are all the hype in contemporary corporate world.

They enable your clients to perform a variety of functions that your website offers, without forcing them to visit a webpage that might be slow to load on a cellular device.

The challenge  lies in finding the right host that supports the technology, as well as the right set of people who are ready to take on the challenge with a creative and open mindset.

VoiceLogic’s email broadcasting team can help you create a more engaging and focused email template based on your goals, such as gathering information from your clients using forms or polls, or simply promoting your new services and content by adding interactive videos or social media buttons!


Finding the right email broadcasting team to take care of your online business affairs is a tedious task, but VoiceLogic takes pride in connecting companies with a team of people that best fit in with their business’ goals and values.

To learn more about our email broadcasting services for lead generation, contact us today at VoiceLogic!

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