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Gathering clients to fill your sales pipeline can be slow and tedious if done one phone call at a time. Proper use of certain marketing technologies can accelerate your sales cycle exponentially. Reaching a live suspect with a cold call, is intrusive, and can push the suspect into a defensive posture. This is where voice mail marketing can be used to accelerate the sales cycle.  Voice mail is also more
personal than email.

The first few calls to a suspect should be “marketing“, not “sales“. The first voice mail message should be used to identify you and the product. Subsequent messages should remain brief, but continue to add value, and build on previous messages. Each message should request a return call, but don’t expect one.

Persist, by leaving more informational and educational messages that help the suspect learn about strategies, benefits, and how you can help. Interval your messages based on the particularities of the suspect’s industry.

This Voice mail marketing strategy sends a clear message to your suspect, that you:

  1. Respect their time
  2. Believe you have something of value for them, due to your persistence
  3. Have credibility, by delivering messages that build to a conclusive point.
  4. Are investing your time in them, since they view this as a cold call.
  5. Appear authentic, with your succinct, progressive messaging.

Cold calls and phone calls are generally viewed with distrust or suspicion which can easily derail or end the conversation prematurely. You feel compelled to explain yourself quickly during the intrusion, with fear of being quickly dismissed before you can make your point. Before a relationship can be developed, a starting level of trust needs to be established.

Voice mail familiarizes the suspect with your proposition, in advance, at their leisure, and without intrusion. Voicemail reduces the suspicion and begins to establish a relationship before selling can even take place.

When suspects begin to return phone calls, they will have moved from defensive to receptive. Your suspect has become a prospect. Voice mail marketing can by-pass cold calling, and accelerate your sales efforts to the warm call stage.

B2B Voice mail marketing with Voicemail Courier can make thousands of calls, whereas a human cannot. Accelerate to the prospect stage with Voicemail Courier, to deliver your marketing message. This is power prospecting with Voicemail Courier.

Voicemail Courier®, a B2B non-automated service, drops your sales message into a voice mailbox perfectly by navigating dial-by-name phone menus, extension numbers, and interacting intelligently with receptionists.

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