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Marketing Solutions

Marketing Problem # 1 : My highly paid sales reps make 50 sales calls per day, but 85% of calls reach voice mail, instead of a live person. Some reps hang up the phone, some repeat the same message into voice mail. This is too costly, and my reps’ are getting tired of repetitive activity, with little results.

 Solution: Our call center operators will lower your wage costs by completing more calls, do the repetitive work, get past the receptionist, and contact the target person where they will read a script. If they encounter voice mail, they will manually deposit your sales reps recorded voice message into the clients’ voice mailbox. The client can’t tell the difference and will think your sales rep made the actual phone call.

Marketing Problem # 2 : My existing call center is inconsistent with its sales pitch, and often doesn’t communicate the proper message. They cost me money and burn my leads.

 Solution: With Voicemail Courier, your message will be delivered consistently each and every time into voice mail or live to a one person audience with their consent. The message is recorded by you, and delivered by us for this B2B solution.

Marketing Problem # 3 : My auto-dialer is not getting through to the right person or is playing a partially cut off message. My response rate has decreased because clients know I use an auto-dialer.

 Solution: With Voicemail Courier, your message will be delivered perfectly into voice mail. If a live person answers, we ask for their permission before playing the message. Voicemail Courier navigates intelligently with receptionists, phone extension numbers, and phone menus to reach the right contact.

Marketing Problem # 4 : Its hard to motivate sales reps to make their daily sales calls, or customer retention calls.

 Solution: With Voicemail Courier, we make thousands of calls for you daily and speed up your sales cycle. We deliver your sales reps’ message into the clients’ voice mail. The client will think you made the actual phone call; and will be left with a sense of personal attention. Your sales reps will receive inbound sales inquiries instead of making outbound sales calls.

Marketing Problem # 5 : My email marketing is no longer as effective, due to better spam filters, a growing quantity of daily email clutter, and anti-spam laws.

 Solution: A voice mail marketing campaign will guarantee your voice message will be delivered. Voice mail is more urgent than email; and no one deletes their voice mail without first understanding the gist of the message. This is a guarantee that you will be heard.

Marketing Problem # 6 : I have an excellent marketing list, but the contact name is missing, or the telephone and email address is missing.

 Solution: Our operators will search the internet or call the company to discover the correct contact information to make your list current and more effective.

Marketing Problem # 7 : We sent out “New Product” brochures to our clients, but the response rates have declined noticeably.

 Solution: After sending the mailers, a follow-up Voicemail Courier message will remind the client to look out for the brochure. The personal voice message dropped into voice mail will give it a sense of importance and act as a personal reminder, thereby increasing your direct mail campaign results.

Marketing Problem # 8 : My sales staff are taking too long to phone each of their 1500 current clients, to up sell or introduce a new product.

 Solution: With Voicemail Courier, you can make thousands of calls per day, thereby speeding up your sales cycle. Instead of making outbound sales calls, your staff will handle inbound sales orders.

Marketing Problem # 9 : The attendance at my seminar was very poor, although many people had received my email and had signed up to attend.

 Solution: Email gets lost in the daily email clutter and in spam filters. Voicemail Courier will convey a personal reminder days before your event. Attendees will have your event, top-of-mind. Your attendance will increase by 20-40 percent.

Marketing Problem # 10 : Although many people received our trade show mailer, few attended.

 Solution: Use a voice mail marketing campaign to drop a personal invitation to each attendee. If our operators reach them “Live” on the phone, we will read a script to further remind them to attend the event. We will also identify reasons why others won’t attend; which will help establish better marketing for your next campaign.

Marketing Problem # 11 [Bonus]: I manage an association; I need a membership drive, and also want to send a personal message to all existing members.

 Solution: Use Voicemail Courier to call every potential or existing member. Our live phone operators will navigate through Main Reception, and Dial-by-name phone menus, ONE CALL AT A TIME, to deliver your message with your voice, perfectly into voice mail. This is NOT an autodial service, and your members will think you made a personal phone call to them. We may include a free email or fax broadcast to further enhance your campaign.

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