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How To Leave Voice Mail Messages That Get Returned (And Get Results!)

People seem to have a double standard regarding voice mail. They love to own voice mail, but don’t like to get caught inside someone else’s voice mail.

Sales people must deal with voice mail on a daily basis. One can become demotivated very quickly, especially when there are no return calls from all the effort of leaving voice mail messages for potential customers.

Why not use voice mail to your advantage? The following are some techniques that can improve your success with voice mail. Although intended for manual phone calling, some of these techniques can be used with the VoiceLogic lead generating services. We cannot guarantee 100% results, but you will improve your odds.

1. Create Curiosity

Try leaving messages with nothing more than your name and number. Curiosity is a very powerful motivator. This simple technique can increase call back ratios by 40%! Busy people checking their messages on the road will appreciate a brief message.

  • Example: Hello, it John Doe, my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx, Thank you.


2. Probe for pain

During initial meetings, ask probing questions to determine where it “hurts”. Make a list of these “pains” and how your product or service can provide specific relief for each concern. Each time you call, leave a message regarding one of the concerns, and hint how you can provide relief. Refer to a different problem each time you call. For example:

  • Example #1: “Mr. Albert, this is Fred Filmon from the Marketing Firm,at 416-xxx-xxxx I’m calling to offer some solutions as to how our voice recording services can give you a more professional sounding voice mail system, and get rid of that annoying recorded voice that one of your clients was complaining about. My number again is xxx-xxx-xxxx.”
  • Example #2: “Mr. Albert, this is Fred Filmon from the Marketing Firm, at 416-xxx-xxxx. I’m calling with a few solutions to help you reduce those customer complaints that you spoke about in our last meeting. My number again is 416-xxx-xxxx.”


3. Call from corporate headquarters
It adds credibility, especially if you are a small or home based business!

  • Example: “Hello, this is Bill Bailey, with VoiceLogic corporate headquarters. The reason for my call is…”


4. Leave your first and last name

Giving only your first name confuses the client. “Frank who? I know five guys named Frank! ” A single name brings to mind service people, repair people, and delivery drivers..

  • Example: Hello, this is John Doe calling…


5. Don’t minimize yourself

Eliminate the word “just” or other minimizers from your speech.


  • “I’m just calling to follow up on last weeks meeting.”
  • “Nothing too important. Just a follow up call to our meeting.”
  • “Just a little reminder about how our services can help you..”


6. No Selling

Don’t sell anything in a message. People are constantly bombarded with advertising. Many have developed a strong sales resistance. The people you are calling will reject you if they already know the purpose of your call, and they don’t really need your service at this time.


7. Position the benefits contingent on speaking with you

Example: “This is Joe Anderson from ABC Products. We have purchased a large quantity of surplus, and have priced the stock at a significant discount. We need to see if the dimensions suit your needs. Call me at 443-555-1212.”


8. Speak more slowly than normal

Pronounce your words fully, and don’t slur or run your words together. The person you are calling is unfamiliar with your terminology, and will become annoyed if they need to replay the message again.


9. Spell your name if it’s unusual or foreign

Unique names can work in your favor, since they might be easier to remember. However, the listener has to work harder to understand it. Use this phenomenon to your advantage, by spelling it slowly when leaving your first message. An unusual name can put you above the crowd, and lead to ice-breaking chit chat about its origin.


10. Sound like a winner, speak with confidence, energy, and enthusiasm

Sit up straight or stand when you leave the message. Smile as you speak. Use hand gestures and powerful body language. Check your energy level by listening to your message before sending it.

11. Leave your phone number twice: once at the beginning of your message and again at the end

If the listener missed your number at the beginning they will not have to listen through the entire message again to get it.


12. Call again and “bait” the message with useful information:

“I’ve been thinking about a solution for you, and I have something that might work. Please call me at …I’d like to share it with you.”

Do not leave the solution in the message. Use it as bait, so they need to return your call.

  • Caution: do not use this technique unless you actually have a potential solution.


13. Ask for specific action

A well thought out message can effectively articulate your request and wrap up your communication. You need to move forward and avoid a frustrating game of telephone tag.

14. As a last resort, politely threaten to “close their file”

Without hostility or impatience in your tone of voice, leave a polite terminating message.
Example: “Mr. Jones, I have called you for several weeks now regarding the proposal you requested. I still have not received a return call. I don’t want to bug you with repeat calls. Please let me know if I should close your file…thank you.”

Most people like to leave their options open and nobody likes to be “terminated”.

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