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Marketing Services

Have you thought of how to get the most responses out of your list?

Is the low response due to the clutter & over saturation of email & direct mail just not enough any more?

You can Use VoiceMail Courier to gain a boost in your response rates, on average 25-40% over your competitors for your B2B marketing & sales initiatives.

How It Works

VOICE MAIL COURIER® – a B2B voicemail marketing tool used to boost response rates on marketing & sales initiatives. We take a personal message recorded by you and navigate complex business phone systems to deliver the message to the right contacts voicemail box. When your contact hears the message, they assume you called and left them a message. This method is a way to bring back the personal touch to your marketing efforts, which has been lost in the clutter of email and direct mail.

Enhance Your Campaigns With One of our B2B Add-on Services

Rapid outbound Call Center® – is a B2B outbound call center service that will call everyone on your contact list, and read a script as instructed by you. During conversation with the recipient, we can collect information using a questionnaire, update a client record, or set an appointment for your sales team.

Our agents manually navigate past the receptionist or gatekeeper to reach every individual on your list.

Rapid outbound Call Center® is a tool to enhance or replace cold calling.

Live Hot Transfer – Live Hot Transfer is the process of transferring a live call to a third party, who is better versed for;


  • the purposes of closing a deal
  • confirming information
  • or taking an order from a customer


Live Hot Transfer is a tool to enhance or replace cold calling, since we do the cold calling for you, and pass to you, only those customers that are interested in your product or service.

Sales Lead Research – Our team of researchers will research and update your client list, or prospect list. Client lists, or prospect lists that may be incomplete with missing telephone data, fax data, email, company name, or contact name data can be researched and updated by our research specialists.

Updating a prospect list, or filling in missing data fields, makes it easier for your sales team to contact the key decision maker, without wasting time on researching. Having the correct fax number, telephone number, or email address can make the difference between a failed or successful marketing campaign. Let us do the research for you, while your sales staff concentrates on selling.

Our research specialists navigate and locate the right corporate contact or decision maker to make your job easier for closing a sale.
Pay only for information that was successfully researched. If we can’t find it, you don’t pay.

Email Broadcasting Service – This unique service allows clients to easily manage enterprise e-mail campaigns, utilizing HTML capabilities to provide the highest quality e-mail solution. Our transparent systems deliver messages to targeted e-mail audiences instantly.

Our eMail broadcasting allows transmits up to 100,000 messages per hour compared to the industry average of 40,000 messages per hour.

eMail broadcasting is ideal for investor communications; customer service communications, mass marketing, advertising and promotion, press releases, and personalized letters.

For more information and special introductory pricing for Jigsaw members, please call 1-888-552-8858


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