• Trial / test campaigns.
  • No lock-in contract
  • Zero programming fees
  • Start your campaign within hours.
  • Get daily reports charting your progress.
  • Receive your leads as they are discovered.
  • Reduce sales cycle, & expedite production.
  • Lead Generation & Script Assistance.

Automotive Marketing Program BING

A Lead Tool Kit for Dealerships & Auto Marketers

Outbound Appointment Setting with Better Qualified “Exclusive” Leads Win More Business

Maximize the number of leads and vehicles sold with proven live outbound calling campaigns that include proven scripts and detailed reporting

  • Exclusive Appointments
  • No Lead or Data Sharing
  • Flex Scheduling
  • No Contract Required


Automotive Target

Target: It starts by targeting the best buyers, leading to a lower cost per lead and increased return on investment. We help you target the best lists to call.

Automotive Call

Call: Voicelogic BDC agents will call your client database, internet leads, active buyers, service lists, conquest data and more with customized calling campaigns.

Automotive Sell

Sell: We will deliver you prequalified and “exclusive” leads and appointments in real-time, creating a money pipeline for your dealership. Better qualified leads will help you win more new business and increase your marketing campaign ROI.

Exclusive Appointments Delivered In Real-time

VoiceLogic Automotive List

Live Outbound BDC Agents

Our company is customer focused and results obsessed. Voicelogic is the gold standard when it comes to live outbound calling. We offer a well-trained workforce who are able to communicate at high levels – all working from our fully-managed North American facility.

  • Detailed Reporting
  • Flex Scheduling – Use As Needed
  • Dedicated “North American” BDC Reps
  • Proven Auto Call Scripts
  • Dedicated Live Representation
  • Campaign Guidance
  • No Need To Hire & Train Staff
  • Calls Recorded For Your Review
  • 23 + Years Experience
  • Low Cost
  • Advanced Calling Technology
  • Complete Transparency

Why Use Voicelogic When I Can Hire My Own Agents?

Hiring & Training

Hiring and training is expensive. Outsourcing lets you use experienced personnel as needed.

Start New Projects Quickly – Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

Working with Voicelogic allows you to start outreach campaigns quickly, benefit from trained personal, advanced calling technology and years of experience calling similar auto campaigns

Focus on Your Core Business

You have limited time. Focus on what you do best. Outsourcing your outbound calling – or part of it – shifts focus from peripheral activities toward work that serves your customer.

Voice Casting Services

Voicecasting is a “ringless” RVM voice messaging service that will deliver your recorded voice message directly into voicemail. It’s fast, low-cost and highly effective.

Servicing a customer is vital and dealerships who have implemented Voicecasting in their marketing kit report to us that they are improving customer satisfaction, retention rates and generating steadier streams of service revenue. They are also experiencing boosts in new car sales from established customers who were part of their Voicecasting campaigns.

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    Innovative Marketing

    Business Marketing

    Deliver your message to a live prospect, or to voicemail, on the first call, to receive maximum impact.

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    Smart Marketing

    Send your message to their voice mail box, without ringing their phone. Ringless voicemail broadcast.

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    Campaign Guidance

    Our senior consultants provide you with complementary Professional Campaign Guidance and market advice.

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    Get A Free Quote

    Before you make a final decision, get a consultative quote, with market advice, tailored to your campaign

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    Lead Generation

    Generate prequalified "sales-ready leads". Proven calling scripts available.

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