• Trial / test campaigns.
  • No lock-in contract
  • Zero programming fees
  • Start your campaign within hours.
  • Get daily reports charting your progress.
  • Receive your leads as they are discovered.
  • Reduce sales cycle, & expedite production.
  • Lead Generation & Script Assistance.

Ringacasting Samples

Below you’ll find sample recordings of the Ringcasting service used by our clients. 

Note: Some of the Names and Phone Numbers have been “bleeped” out for confidentiality reasons.

Sample 1 Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Intro message 

Sample 2 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Wholesale 

Sample 3 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Wholesale Intro 

Sample 4 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Financial Intro 

Sample 5 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Home Services 

Sample 6 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Political 

Sample 7 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Financial 

Sample 8 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Political 

Sample 9 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Mortgage Services 

Sample 10 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Recruitment Intro 

Sample 11 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Telecom 

Sample 12 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Insurance Agency 

Sample 13 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Automotive 

Sample 14 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Cable company 

Sample 15 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Auto Repair 

Sample 16 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Retail 

Sample 17 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Political 

Sample 18 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Political 

Sample 19 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Financial 

Sample 20 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Events 

Sample 21 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Newspapers 

Sample 22 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Events 

Sample 23 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Medical 

Sample 24 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Fund Raising 

Sample 25 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Political 

Sample 26 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Political 

Sample 27 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Services 

Sample 28 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Insurance 

Sample 29 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Telecom 

Sample 30 
Voicelogic.com Ringcasting Travel 

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